August 21, 2011 by cynick | Posted in bike-jaunts , gear

’Twas a fine day for a bike ride.

We took an early morning jaunt from South Minneapolis to Jerabek’s New Bohemian, via West River Road, Ft. Snelling, Mendota, Lilydale, and last but not least, my favorite street in St. Paul, Ohio Street. The goal of that trip was to minimize our exposure to traffic and noise, and, except for the Mendota Bridge, we succeeded admirably.

A proposed alternate route up the bluff, through the switchback that traverses the Lilydale Brickyards, ended in early frustration due to the massive rainfall that had turned the trail into a veritable riverbed overnight! It wasn’t a path fit for Bromptons, or, any other type of bike for that matter.

The true highlight of the trip, though, was on the return leg: my odometer hit 10000! It happened just after the site of Cliff Jct., near the I-35E bridge. I had been watching it like a hawk for most of 9999 – trying not to crash – and thus, I actually saw it turn over.

Given all that it’s been through, it doesn’t seem to be too worse for wear, aside from normal wear and tear. I’ve been through roughly ten tires, maybe 15 tubes, three sets of brakes, one chainring, two cogs, five chains, two non-folding pedals, one folding pedal, two rear wheels, two sets of rack bungees, one fold-clamp, three rear lights, two pumps, one mud flap, and many light bulbs.

It has been transported on steam trains, LRT trains, buses, in car trunks and back seats, on a couple of boats, and of course, countless shopping carts. It hasn’t done any air travel, yet, but I hope to correct that soon.

I rummaged around for an early photo of it; the best I found was a shot from mid-Sept. 2007, about three weeks after I’d gotten the bike. I took that photo over to where it was shot, and used it to construct an “after” photo.

Of the visible differences, the most prominent is the upgrade from the 44-tooth chainring to the 54-tooth chainring. That change haunted my legs for some time, but now I’m well used to it.


Of late, I’ve been having some crazy notions about biking out to Montana on that thing, and even crazier notions about biking clear across the country – so I’m thinking that it won’t be another four years before I get to twenty thousand.

Time will tell.