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Summer's Over, Kid

September 7, 2010 by cynick | Posted in mntour

Summer is now, at least from a cultural standpoint, over.

Yes, yes: the first day of Fall isn’t technically for another two weeks, but we have to face facts: the wind is already a bit colder, the days already seem gloomier, and the leaves are already starting to turn.

So, how did I do on my quest to cover all of the Minnesota bike trails?

Answer: Not even close.

Unfortunately, I, as I’ve been telling people, “slacked off by doing work”. For two months of the summer, I was working, and, while my current work situation affords me a great deal of mobility, it, like most software work, just sucked away the time.

In spite of that, I did cover the following trails:

  • 29th Street Midtown Greenway

  • Big Rivers Regional Trail

  • Bruce Vento Trail

  • Cannon Valley Trail

  • Casey Jones State Trail *

  • Cedar Lake Trail

  • Dakota Rail Regional Trail

  • Gateway Trail

  • Hardwood Creek Trail

  • Mille Lacs Soo Line Trail

  • Minnehaha Trail

  • Minneapolis Diagonal Trail

  • Minnesota Valley State Trail *

  • Red Jacket Trail

  • Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

  • St. Anthony Falls Heritage Trail (Stone Arch Bridge)

  • Sunrise Prairie Trail

(The starred trails are either only partially made up of former railroad, or, parts of the railroad grade haven’t yet been improved enough to allow traversal by a Brompton. A horse, maybe.)

In raw trail numbers, that’s about 37% of the state’s trails, but, at a total of 264 miles, these trails only represent about 25% of the mileage.

I’m hoping to knock off at least of couple of the longer ones before the snow flies; maybe I can push the mileage to 30%.